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  •  CowPots can be top or bottom watered
  • Manure naturally retains moisture—make sure not to over water.

Give the pot time to harden between watering. 

  • (prevents overwatering and reduces spores from forming molds if permitted to dry)
  • If possible leave space between pots to maximize air circulation.  (improves pot performance and plant health)
  •  Allow pot to dry before handling. 
  • (CowPots are fragile when wet)


Helpful Hint:


CowPots turn dark brown when wet,

and light brown when its time to water again!


When seedlings are ready for planting, place entire CowPot into soil, cover and water.


  • Do not break up the CowPot. 
  • (Roots are waiting for contact with soil to continue to grow, 
  • breaking the pot will damage the roots creating transplant  shock)
  • Plant entire CowPot and cover completely with soil.



CowPots last for months above ground but once transplanted into garden soil, the pots begin to degrade and enhance your garden soil.


  • Roots penetrate the CowPot wall, eliminating transplant shock. 
  • Unrestricted root growth ensures a healthier, stronger plant.

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